Bamboo Flooring

The pros and cons to bamboo floors

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Why is Bamboo Flooring Environmentally Friendly?

Bamboo may be the wonder material of the modern age, particularly for anyone who embraces environmental sustainability and use of natural materials. Especially for the home, bamboo represents the epitome of "green" and is characterized by good looks, durability, almost endless possibility and moderate cost.

From bed sheets to serving dishes and kitchen utensils, from fencing to flooring to kitchen cabinets, and for many other uses, bamboo has no equal for versatility. In addition, depending on how it is harvested, cut and used, it can display totally different personalities. 

Is Bamboo Flooring Water Resistant? 

Once thought of as a less desirable choice than wood, bamboo flooring has come of age. Because of its adaptability, it can display a character and dimension that few other materials exhibit. A bamboo floor can be rustic or distressed, casual or formal, sophisticated, playful, or somewhat funky. It is much more than a passing fancy, and is a leading eco-friendly option.

Although bamboo, primarily in China and Asia, has been used for centuries as a building material, its availability and acceptance by the European and Western market is relatively recent and is an evolving story. Its benefits have been recognized by designers and architects, and its growing desirability leads to new and innovative uses for this fast-growing, naturally beautiful material.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Option

Because a bamboo floor is naturally resistant to insects and moisture, it is suitable for most rooms in a home, and modern manufacturing processes render it stable, resilient, and comparable to most hardwoods in terms of scratch resistance, warping and buckling. When properly installed and maintained, the surface is easy care and long lasting as well as immensely attractive.

Harvesting the rapidly-growing grass does not require reforestation because the roots are not disturbed. Bamboo renews itself, growing to maturity in about five years, contrasted with 20 or more for most wood species.

Bamboo Flooring vs. Hardwood

If you like being on the cutting edge of trends and emerging technology, this is a great time to consider bamboo for either a remodel project or new construction. Most bamboo flooring is engineered in easy-to-install tongue and groove planks, making the raw material suitable for DIY or professional installation.

While choice of flooring material is always a personal decision and depends in large part on personal preference as well as budget, bamboo should at least be on your short list of materials to consider.

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