Stainmaster Carpets

Top Carpets for Living Rooms

What are the Best Carpets for Living Rooms?

Finding the right carpet for your living room can feel like a journey. Some flooring stores may only offer carpets that have the durability, but not the look you were going for. At Modern Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home, we don’t believe in compromising between strength and style, which is why we offer North America’s most trusted carpet brand- Stainmaster.

Popular Carpet Colors for Living Rooms

Stainmaster carpets have built a reputation on being resistant to stains and soiling while also providing luxurious living room carpet colors. Stainmaster’s carpets provide an array of colors from modern to rustic, traditional to exotic, and everything in between. Currently, we offer the Bigelow, Bigelow Prestige, Color Stories, and Plaza Portfolio collections at our Modern Flooring showroom. Nonetheless, living room carpet colors aren’t the only standout feature to Stainmaster.

Stainmaster Pet Protect

Stainmaster carpets are pet safe, and the perfect addition to homes with active families. Spills and accidents happen, but that shouldn’t mean your carpet has to show those battle scars. Stainmaster’s LotusFX Fiber Shield blocks stains and soiling. In addition, the carpet cushion is constructed of a breathable moisture barrier that prevents liquids from soaking through the carpet into the cushion and subfloor. Stainmaster’s carpet cushion also makes clean-ups easy for it stops stains from reappearing on the carpet.

What Are Stainmaster Carpets Made of?

Along with the LotusFX Fiber Shield, Stainmaster’s Nylon 6.6 fibers provide the extra strength. These high-performance polymers ensure a soft and luxurious carpet while also being strong enough to handle more than the everyday wear. The same fibers used in Stainmaster carpets are also used in airbags, seatbelts, and parachute chords.

All Stainmaster carpets are held to a high standard. Before being released to the public, the carpets must be certified. The requirements include durability, stain, soil resistance, and anti-static. Many carpet competitors won’t pass the strict certification tests.

To learn more about Stainmaster carpet colors, and carpets for living rooms, contact Modern Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home today or visit our showroom in New Orleans, LA.