Cork Flooring Benefits

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Cork Flooring Pros and Cons

Many people don’t know, but you can get a hardwood floor that is made from cork! Are you curious about cork flooring? Read on to find out about its benefits!

What is Cork?

Cork flooring is manufactured from a cork oak tree’s bark. Cork is a sustainable material because the bark is harvested from the tree and will grow back without damaging the tree. Cork’s structure contains millions of air pockets, which is what gives cork flooring its beneficial properties.

Benefits of Cork Flooring

  • Soft-Cork’s cellular structure gives it a construction that is reminiscent of a sponge, which makes it very soft. Cork provides softness underfoot for walking and standing and it is also very comfortable to sit on. The soft sponginess of cork also makes it very resilient. Heavy furniture and dropped objects are much less likely to permanently damage the floor because the sponge-like floor has some “give” to it. In many cases cork floors will completely recover with no damage, depending on the size and weight of the object.

  • Warm-The air pockets in cork will contain warm air, which makes it a great insulator. Cork floors stay warm in the cold winter months and cool in the hot summer months. This insulating quality can add a great deal of comfort to a room as well as increase your home’s energy efficiency by reducing heat and air conditioning costs.

  • Quiet-The cellular structure of cork also gives it great sound absorption qualities. As sound waves travel through the floor, the sound will bounce and reverberate off the inside of each cell. This disperses the sound waves into all directions and any sound that penetrates through the floor will be much quieter. This makes cork great for rooms where lots of noise will be created like recording studios, practice spaces, entertainment rooms, and more!

Cork is not only appreciated for its function, it also has a unique appearance. Cork is available in many finishes, board lengths, and is manufactured in both planks and tiles. If you want to find out more about cork flooring, come visit Modern Flooring Carpet One in New Orleans, LA and speak with one of our experts.