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Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

LVT Flooring has proven to be the perfect floor for high traffic areas, such as your kitchen, mud room, and bathroom. One of the top of the line brands for LVT flooring, Invincible, recently came out with a new flooring collection that sets the standards even higher for other LVT floors.

At Modern Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home, we are known for our wide selection of flooring products and brands. However, Invincible LVT continues to upgrade its products and proves to be a favorite among homeowners. Invincible has made a name for itself in the flooring industry for its rigid core and water resistant flooring products. Before the recent collection release, Invincible provided the Moistureloc Seal, the Intensity Surface Shield, and the Surbase Construction. 

Durability of Vinyl Flooring

The Invincible LVT seal is a revolutionary installation that provides a click watertight seal, and is considered to be the strongest and tightest water resistant and dust proof LVT flooring available. 

Intensity Surface Shield. 

Being one of the strongest LVT floors in the industry also means Invincible stands up to dents, scratches, scuffs, and stains. Not only is the floor realistic to true hardwood and stone floors, but is incredibly resilient.  

Superbase Construction

With its resiliency to scuffs, scratches, stains, dents, and most importantly water, Invincible won’t shrink, expand, curl, or gap. This LVT floors is assembled with a woven support core, meaning it can adapt over any surface. 

Waterproof Flooring Options

You might be wondering how Invincible’s new H20 collection stacks up against the already resilient LVT floor. The H20 collection takes everything a step further with is complete waterproof protection, durability, handcrafted designer looks, and warranty. 

This new collection now takes the Invincible water resistance and makes it completely waterproof. The H20 Invincible LVT uses the locking system to stop leaks and keep a dry subfloor. Additionally, it is pet proof as a result of its ceramic-fused finish that creates a tougher exterior. 

With waterproof protection and tough as nails durability, you may think that is all H20 Invincible has to offer. However, this collection also offers the Lifetime coverage for wear, fading, stains, gauges, and water.

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