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What floor is best for pets?

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What is the Best Flooring for Pets?

It's a dilemma every pet owner struggles with each time an area of flooring has to be replaced or updated.  How do I ensure that my pets won't destroy the beautiful new look in next to no time by tracking mud, accidents or embedding the never ending supply of fur in the fibers.  There are a few options out there that work better than others, while offering a variety of finishes to match your flooring design.

Is Bamboo Flooring Good for Pets?

Eco-friendly bamboo flooring offers many of the perks of hardwood floors without some of the pet associated drawbacks. It is harder than many wood types, so that is resists nail scratches and chips better.  Available in a variety of stains, you can match it to many decor choices.

What Kind of Flooring is Best?

Perhaps the most economical choice, vinyl tile features easy clean up of spills and accidents while resisting staining.  Daily maintenance requires little more than sweeping and spot mopping.  Meanwhile, since it is a tile installation, replacing damaged tiles requires minimal experience or expertise.  Its lower price point also means when it has been worn down through use, changing out color and won't break the bank.

Ceramic Tiles

More durable than its vinyl cousin, ceramic tiles offer superior durability of surface and color over an extended time.  Manufacturers create them in a rainbow of color, texture and pattern for a unique appearance that will last an entire generation.  Scratch and stain resistant, routine care should see these flooring options as a smart choice for an investment in an elegant pet-friendly home.

Waterproof Flooring for Pets

This is becoming a popular option for the modern home. Newer polishing and tinting techniques can generate an attractive finish to the concrete surface that is practically indestructible. It's really not just for exterior uses anymore. You'll end up with a reflective, smooth, and attractive floor that can withstand any dog or cat for years of abuse.

Best Stain Resistant Area Rugs

When seeking something soft beneath your toes, but can't afford to replace carpeting every few years, using interior/exterior carpeting and area rugs offer a surprisingly large array of colors and patterns to work with your design.  Created to withstand dirt and odors in an outdoor setting, they resist pet stains and liquids don't soak in offering a more durable option to more expensive rug option.

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