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Ugly soft surface floors are a thing of the past. No longer should you think of that bright green shaggy carpet from the 70’s when you think of soft surface flooring. Carpet and rugs have come a long way since those days, and at Modern Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home we have the top of the line selection of soft surface floors. Perhaps you are looking for a brand like Tigressa or COREtec, or a stlye to match your room décor. Not matter what floor you are searching for in your home, our Modern Flooring professional sales team will help you find the one that fits your vision. However, that vision shouldn’t include stains and fading. All soft surface flooring products have advanced with stain resistant fibers and anti-fading materials. Yes, your new carpet and rug will be more durable so you can enjoy it for years to come!

To learn more about all that soft surface floors have to offer read below: 

Top Carpet Brands & Trends

  • Stainmaster: Carpets for living rooms

  • Lees: Lees Carpet is your top carpet brand to transform any room.

  • Carpet Trends: Carpet flooring is always a good option for an attractive and comfortable home, but certain styles hold up better than others. 

  • Tigressa Cherish: Go a step above Tigressa with Tigressa Cherish

  • Tigressa: At Modern Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home we have a wide selection of carpet brands, including one of our most popular brand - Tigressa.

Custom Area Rugs

  • Karastan Area Rugs: Get a long lasting carpet for dining rooms and living rooms. 

  • Custom Area Rugs: We offer custom Area Rug and binding options for your home or office.

  • Area Rugs: We carry a wide selection of floral and patterned carpets that can create the perfect piece of art for your floor.

Carpet Tips & Tricks

  • Healthier Living Installation: In order for your floor to be properly installed you need to have a subfloor that is level, smooth, and void of any defects.

  • Carpet Repair: Sometimes your carpet can acquire damages over the course of your floor’s life. Here are some carpet repair solutions.

  • Carpet Fading: Similar to other fabrics, carpets tend to lose color after some time. Here are tips to prevent fading.

  • Removing Hair from Carpet: Tips for removing stubborn hair from carpets.


Carpet Flooring Options

  • Living Room Floors: Bring your Living Room floor some life by upgrading to a Lees Carpet or Rustic River Hardwood.