Tigressa Cherish

Stain and fade resistant carpet

What is the Best Brand of Carpet?

Tigressa is already known for its ultra-soft feel and strength, so what is the difference between Tigressa and Tigressa Cherish? Tigressa Cherish is a part of the Tigressa collection, and though it offers the same sleek look and smoothness, it is a step above. 

Stain Resistant Carpet

Tigressa Cherish is made up of recycled resources and can even be recycled in the future. Additionally, Tigressa Cherish is inspired by natures hues, which while not fade over time due to its advanced color technology. Unlike the normal Tigressa carpet fibers, Tigressa Cherish fibers are 75% finer as a result of its thousands of micro strands per single square inch. This ultimately makes for a more plush carpet.

Though Tigressa's soft and unique look is unmatched to many other carpeting brands, its own Cherish collection proves to be in a category all on its own. 

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