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Tile Flooring

Backsplash Tile

Homeowners who are looking to update a room using backsplash tile in a kitchen or bathroom enjoy the benefits immediately. If you want a simple way to create a lavish bathroom or kitchen area with easy maintenance, adding or updating tile is the way to go.  At Modern Carpet One Floor & Home in New Orleans, our local flooring experts can help you bring your ideas to life. Tile is a versatile material and can be customized to any design.



Porcelain Tile


Custom Backsplash


One of the best ways to make your home stand out is to customize your backsplash. With tile, it’s easy to mix colors, patterns, and styles to create a backsplash that is unique to you. If you’re interested in what is up and coming, designing a pattern in the tiles can be one way to personalize your tile while staying on trend. For example, adding a mosaic every few tiles or a border around the top and bottom of the backsplash can be one way to keep your home stylish.


Durable Protection


We all know it’s not difficult to find ourselves wondering how we made such a mess. In kitchens, tile backsplashes protect walls from splatters that can happen during cooking. In bathrooms, backsplash tile shields the walls from moisture, which can cause harmful effects behind the drywall. Tile is a stable material that will not crack or peel off the walls when maintained correctly. For rooms like kitchens and bathrooms that are used often, this is crucial.


Easy Maintenance


In kitchens, tile backsplashes can contribute to keeping your kitchen walls clean. Backsplash tile behind counters and the stove makes maintenance much more manageable than scrubbing walls, hoping to make them white again. You can wipe off tiles when splatters do happen, or if you don’t notice until a later time, getting the stains off is still reasonable. Backsplashes in any room are easy to care for because tile is a material that does not tend to collect dust quickly.

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