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How to Prevent Carpet Fading

4 Ways to Prevent Carpet Fading


Similar to other fabrics, carpets tend to lose color after some time. As this is normal, there are different measures that prevent carpets from fading and stay in a pristine condition. However, you first need to understand carpet fading, and why it usually happens.


Sunlight is the primary cause of fading; artificial light such as fluorescent and halogen may bleach your carpet after prolonged exposure. Your carpets may also fade due to chemical reactions from pet hair treatments, acne medications, and low quality carpet cleaning detergents. To prevent your carpets from fading, here are some things to do:


Sun Damage to Carpet


Everybody loves a sunny, bright, and warm home. Yet, too much exposure to sunlight can strip color from your carpets. To minimize or avoid this exposure, ensure that all the shades are drawn whenever you are not at home. Awnings, overhangs, and shade trees can also act as great cover. Moreover, you can also apply window tint films, which have been designed to reflect heat and block UV rays.


Carpet Maintenance Tips


If you want to prevent carpet fading and discoloration, then cleanliness should be a priority in your home, especially your hands and feet. Athlete’s foot medication, acne medication, and bleach can strip the color off your carpets. Therefore, ensure that your hands are regularly washed. Apart from that, make sure that you wear socks whenever possible.


Accidents usually happen and sometimes you can’t avoid them. Nonetheless, some stains are more destructive than others. Some fluids have bleaching abilities, which means that they can easily remove color from your carpet. Such fluids include pet urine and acidic substances. If you spill something on your carpets by mistake, always make sure that you clean the mess right away. This will prevent any permanent color damage.


Best Quality Carpet Brands


Investing in a quality carpet can reduce the fading risk significantly. Some carpets are made from distinct fibers, which have different levels of holding colors; thus, the need to ensure you have bought a high quality. This will prove to be ideal especially for high traffic areas like the lounges and bedrooms.


How to Prevent Carpet Fading


Prevent your carpets from fading is a great way to protect their value. Always remember that there is no magic fix. The most important thing is to take care of your carpets and keep them looking pristine for many years.


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