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Carpet Repair

How to Repair Carpet


Sometimes your carpet can acquire damages over the course of your floor’s life. Here are some carpet repair solutions to common issues people face with their carpet.

Rippling or buckling in your carpet can happen one of two ways. Sometimes ripples in your carpet can be caused by excessive humidity, in which case the ripple will go away if the weather dries. Consider using a dehumidifier in the room where rippling is occurring to fix the problem. The other reason your carpet could be rippling is that it was improperly stretched during installation. In this case, you would need to have your carpet restretched to fix this issue.


Carpet Repair Tips


Crushing can be caused by heavy furniture or heavy foot traffic. Crushing is inevitably going to occur to your carpet to some degree, but you can take some steps in preventing major permanent damage. Use glides underneath the legs of your furniture and try to occasionally move your furniture to allow the affected area to recover while introducing new areas of your carpet to crushing caused by traffic and furniture.


Carpet Maintenance Tips


Fading of your carpet’s color can occur when it is exposed to lots of sunlight. Once your carpet has faded there is no way to restore the color, so the best way to treat fading is to just prevent it. Use window treatments to protect your carpet from direct sunlight.

Rips or torn seams in your carpet should be fixed by a professional. This repair process requires special equipment and training and if not done correctly, the problem may reoccur.

Pet odors can be difficult to get rid of entirely. If the pet causing the odors still lives in the house, it will likely keep returning to the spot that it has deemed as its territory. Many pet odor treatment solutions exist, although none have been proven to completely eliminate odor. The only way to absolutely get rid of pet odor is to replace the carpet, the carpet cushion, and treat the subfloor.


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