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Carpet Trends

Top Carpet Trends


Carpet flooring is always a good option for an attractive and comfortable home, but certain styles hold up better than others. If you're hoping for a home with carpet that lasts a long time, be sure to invest in high-quality flooring with either a neutral color or an interesting pattern.These timeless trends never go out of style and are thus perfect if you plan to spend years or even decades in your current home.


Carpet Color Trends


Color trends come and go, but neutral carpeting always looks good. Beige, cream, and tan carpet match a wide range of furniture and decor and are thus excellent choices for bedrooms, family rooms, and living rooms. Lighter neutrals such as beige or cream can also make small rooms feel far larger, particularly if the floor matches the wall and ceiling colors. Years after your carpet has been installed, you'll take satisfaction in knowing that it's not about to go out of style -- and that it will always make your home feel larger and airier. 


Modern Wall to Wall Carpet Trends


If neutral carpet flooring isn't quite exciting enough for you, patterned carpet is a wonderful alternative. There is greater risk of patterned carpet going out of style, but it is infinitely more interesting than beige flooring. The key is selecting a pattern subtle enough to hold timeless appeal.


A much-appreciated benefit of patterned carpet is its ability to hide dirt and stains. For all its versatility and timeless appeal, beige shows discoloration quite easily and is thus not the best choice if you have messy kids or pets -- or a penchant for red wine. Patterns -- especially in darker colors -- can keep your carpet looking fresh and new.


Not enthused by the idea of colorful patterns on your carpet? You can also add visual interest by using alternating areas of closed and open loops. These texture differences can be quite sophisticated when done correctly.


Today's Carpet Trends


Different carpet styles are better suited to different homes and interior decor, so you will need to assess your preferences carefully before arriving at a final decision. You may be tempted to opt for a trendy style, but it's far safer to stick with tried and tested styles, as they will look as sophisticated and fresh two decades from now as they will immediately following installation.


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