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Hardwood Flooring in New Orleans, LA

Hardwood flooring is considered the ultimate interior accent. For discriminating homeowners seeking something unique, natural hardwood planks provide unique graining, and no two are exactly alike. With proper care and maintenance, your hardwood floor will last decades. At Modern Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home in New Orleans, we’re proud to be your local hardwood flooring store. We offer the best hardwood brands, and our professionals can help you make the best choice for our moist, humid climate.


Our Top Hardwood Flooring Picks



What Type of Wood Is Used For Hardwood Flooring?


Hardwood flooring is made using wood species from all over the world, so shoppers can expect diverse options to choose. Choose between exotic ebony and down-home pine, lush mahogany, and oak…and everything in between.


Is Engineered Hardwood “Real” Wood?


Today’s flooring consumers will be asked to choose amongst two major hardwood flooring families as they begin the shopping process.



Hardwood and Humid Climates


Wood tends to absorb moisture until its coordinated with the humidity and air temperature. Swelling increases when moisture does, and wood shrinks when moisture lessens. Shrinkage begins when the moisture content reaches 25 to 30 percent, and wood swells when the moisture content is between 0 and 25 percent. To prevent future moisture issues, you can: • Use a cloth lightly dampened by a recommended cleaning product when it's time to shine the hardwoods.



Before and During Your Hardwood Flooring Installation


Certain details are critical when installing hardwood flooring. We always recommend professionals to get the job done. An in-home measure and moisture test are critical steps that should never be skipped. Moisture testing ensures that your subfloors are suited to handle hardwood flooring. A damp subfloor can cause damage to your hardwood over time. Your subfloor should be flat, clean, dry, and free of imperfections.


Be sure to leave a gap between the planks and the walls to allow the hardwood to naturally expand. There should also be no gaps between the planks themselves, to ensure a seamless surface. Different hardwood constructions require different installation methods, which can help in your purchasing decision. Solid hardwood should be nailed or glued down to the surface so there is no shifting during use. Engineered hardwood comes in floating floors and can lock together without needing any adhesives.



A New Look For Old Hardwood


The type of refinishing you need for your floors can depend on how damaged they are.



Experience Our Hardwood Floor Selection


As members of the world’s largest flooring cooperative, we’re able to close to our locally-owned-and-operated roots, and still offer you top quality products. Stop by our showroom today and learn if hardwood flooring is right for you. We proudly serve the Greater New Orleans area including Metairie, LA.



Understanding Hardwood Flooring & Its Needs



Hardwood Maintenance

Cleaning A Hardwood Floor

If properly maintained, hardwood can last for decades.