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Hardwood Refinishing Services

Hardwood Refinishing Services

Are you looking to bring your hardwood floors back to their original look? If so, consider refinishing your hardwood floors to make them look brand-new. From floors that are worn in certain areas from high traffic, to floors that were installed when the house was built, we can help you make your hardwood as beautiful as ever by refinishing it. Choose Modern Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home for all your hardwood refinishing needs.



Types of Refinishing

The type of refinishing you need for your floors can depend on how damaged they are. If your hardwood floors are scratched only on the surface, we may be able to buff them. Rather than sanding below the top layer of finish, buffing floors takes off the top layer where the scratches exist and eliminates them. Once the scratches are gone, a new finish can be applied without requiring hardwoods to be stained again. When the process is complete, it takes time for the finish to dry. Once the finish is dry, you will have hardwood floors that look new again. 


Sanding and refinishing floors requires a different process. If you have scratches or wear that is below the top layer, you will need to sand the floors beyond the finish. Once the floors are sanded past the original finish, wear, and stain, we can begin the process of refinishing the floors. A new stain is applied in whatever color you prefer, which can be different from the one that was previously on the floors. Next, a finish is layered on top of the stain, usually water or oil-based, and it will take several days to dry. After all of the steps are complete, your hardwood floors will look beautiful again, shining just like they did when they were first installed. 


If you are interested in hardwood refinishing services, stop by our showroom in New Orleans, LA or give us a call today!

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