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Rustic River Hardwood

Top Hardwood Flooring Brand

Every homeowner dreams of a real hardwood floor. One with unique features, and gorgeous finishes, that will bring a dining room, living room, or kitchen to life. Though our Modern Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home store has many hardwood floors to choose from, one brand in particular proves to be a favorite. Rustic River Hardwood’s unique features and hand scraped designs continues to be a standout among other hardwood brands. 



Rustic River Hardwood is made in the US, which means you know you are getting high quality work. Each piece is hand-scraped by professional Craftsmen, who almost tell their own story within each plank. Just looking at one of these hardwood creations and you will be struck by the textures and colors. 



Hardwood Floor Trends

Yet, Rustic River’s wide assortments of styles can make it difficult to pick out the right one for your home. Therefore, the company created an innovative rating system to compare its unique features. This system looks at the Shade Variation and Scrape Level of each style in order to determine the Total Character Rating. 



The Shade Variations based off of the overall color impression from one board to another. Some boards show more color variation than others. However, you are able to determine how unique you want your floor to be. The Scrape Level is the depth of texture. In other words, this looks at the scraping of each style. Together, the Shade Variation and the Scrape Level determines the Total Character Rating. 



When it comes to the Rustic River Hardwood, you are able to decide the features that are most important to you, like the species or construction. All Rustic River hardwood floors are available in both Engineered and Solid constructions. You are also able to pick out your species, which includes Oak, Maple, Hickory, Ash, and Walnut. 




New Hardwood Collections

We are excited to announce the new hardwood collections from Rustic River: the Rustic River Shenandoah and the Rustic River Hutchinson. These new Rustic River Hardwood collections offer more styling options to fit your home décor. 



More Hardwood Flooring Options

There are many advantages to Rustic River Hardwood, including the variety of looks, species, and textures. In addition, the rating system makes it that much easier to swift through collections and styles.



Shenandoah and Hutchinson Collections

The Shenandoah and Hutchinson collections are protected under the Gold and Platinum metal warranties and are products from Shaw and Mohawk. Knowing your hardwood floor is a high-quality brand ensures that the new collections won’t disappoint. 



The Shenandoah and Hutchinson hardwood collections offer an array of looks and natural wood characteristics. With these new weathered and seasoned looks, you will be adding warmth and richness to your home. In addition, the hand-scrapes will provide a unique focal point for no two planks are alike. 


The new Rustic River collection dimensions range from 122” W x 27-7/8” D x 91-1/8” H. 



To learn more about the Shenandoah and Hutchinson flooring collections, and to see the newly added products to the Rustic River display, contact Modern Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home. Or, visit our showroom in New Orleans, LA. 




Rustic River



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